Bungee Buster was built over roughly 2 weeks by Taylor Nielsen and Oliver Morrish for LOWREZJAM 2020.


AttackLeft Mouse Button (Hold/Release)

How to Play

Hold the left mouse button to charge an attack, then release to swing. When you swing a weapon that you're holding, you'll drop it and be flung in the opposite direction, and will ricochet off walls and enemies until you come to a standstill. A weapon you've dropped can still be swung, however, and you can swing it to launch yourself back towards it (and any enemies that happen to be in the way).

In Bungee Buster, a single touch from an enemy means death. If you haven't collected any extra lives, that means you'll start back at the first floor. The next floor can be reached by killing the boss enemy for the floor. Defeat the final boss on floor 3 to win.

Features / Cool Stuff

  • Randomly generated floor layouts, which we're told we can market as "infinite replayability".
  • 7 collectable upgrades that grant extra lives, boost your speed, increase bounce damage, and more.
    • Coins increase the chance of collectable drops. When you die, every 5 coins you collected during that run will give you a random stat boost on your next attempt.
  • 18 unique enemies, including 5 bosses and an enemy named Dave.
  • 5 unique weapons, which can be found at random in treasure rooms on each floor.
  • A bestiary and weapon...iary(?), which can be found by clicking the sword/slime buttons on the pause menu. These give some insightful and in-depth lore.
  • Dynamic music that changes when enemies are around (downloadable version only!).


Medieval Pixel Font by Goatmeal

PICO-8 Font by Lexaloffle


Bungee Buster Windows 28 MB
Bungee Buster Mac 29 MB
Bungee Buster Linux 32 MB

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